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Steadfast Life

Nov 14, 2019

I feel empowered when I take responsibility for my success ...but I'm supposed to give the glory to God.

I have big goals and I want to pursue my impossible dreams ...but I'm supposed to follow God's plan, not mine

If I "should" myself I cause my own suffering ...but God says there IS a way I should live

Austin Fischer,...

Nov 1, 2019

Bad acting comes from the misconception that it's all about actions.  Anne Elise Doherty is a professional actress trained in the Meiser Method and she explains how the good actors can act authentically even though they're not being themselves.  This could be a game changing skill when it comes to living authentically...

Oct 17, 2019

One thing I've learned about meditation is this is UNIQUE to each person.  Everyone seems to have a different style and different reason.  Whitney and I are no exception!!  We both take different approaches, but we do agree on why it's worth the effort - and it's NOT just for inner peace.

Oct 4, 2019

"Failing isn't OK's mandatory" - Trevor Ragan

Failing feels LAME - so we tend to either JUSTIFY (pretend we didn't fail) or JUDGE (Decide that the failure means we ARE A FAILURE).  The problem is that both of these responses prevent us from the value of the failure ...the lesson it is guarding.

Let's build the...

Sep 17, 2019

We tend to place an incredible value on evidence - but there are so many significant aspects of our life where the evidence is NOT conclusive.  In this episode, you will challenge the default obligation to evidence and explore the true power that exists when you see the credibility in choosing.

Claim your power!!